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We are expanding to St. Louis!

Now offering all of our services including small event catering, personal chef services, and
pop-up dinners in
St. Louis city and county!

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Vicini Pastaria, a line of artisanal handmade pastas, sauces, and Italian specialties.

Meal Service Sample Pricing

Meal Service Pricing Includes
Initial client consultation to determine your customized menu
(i.e. likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.)
All groceries and disposables
(additional surcharges may apply for high-end menu items)
Menu planning and grocery shopping
Preparation of all menu items
(All entrees include an appropriate side dish unless entrée is a complete meal such as a casserole)
Packaging of meals with clear reheating instructions

*Note: Prices below merely serve as a guideline for meal service pricing.  Customized menus and pricing will be determined on an individual basis after the initial client consultation.  Organic and natural meal service available for an additional upcharge.*

Dinner Service 


Bi-monthly Basic:
For Basic dinner service, multiple servings of 5 different entrees will be prepared for a 2 week period (i.e. the 5 entrees eaten in week 2 will be the same as the 5 entrees eaten in week 1).

1 person: 5 entrees of 2 servings each (10 meals)     $__325/2 weeks including groceries  

2 people: 5 entrees of 4 servings each (20 meals)     $__400/2 weeks including groceries  

3 people: 5 entrees of 6 servings each (30 meals)     $__540/2 weeks including groceries  

4 people: 5 entrees of 8 servings each (40 meals)     $__660/2 weeks including groceries  

Weekly Premium:

For premium dinner service, dinners will be prepared on a weekly basis and no entrees will be repeated within a month of service.  

1 person: 5 entrees of 1 serving each (5 meals)        $  200/week including groceries  

2 people: 5 entrees of 2 servings each (10 meals)     $  275/week including groceries  

3 people: 5 entrees of 3 servings each (15 meals)     $  325/week including groceries  

4 people: 5 entrees of 4 servings each (20 meals)     $  400/week including groceries  

Weekly Fresh Lunch Service


Basic lunches will consist of a large salad topped with some type of protein (i.e., egg, meat, or seafood)  

1 person: 1 lunch of 5 servings (5 meals)                 $_75/week including groceries  

2 people: 1 lunch of 10 servings (10 meals)             $_125/week including groceries 

3 people: 1 lunch of 15 servings (15 meals)             $_165/week including groceries 

4 people: 1 lunch of 20 servings (20 meals)             $_200/week including groceries 

Premium lunches will consist of 5 different lunches prepared fresh each week.  

1 person: 5 lunches of 1 serving each (5 meals)         $_125/week including groceries 

2 people: 5 lunches of 2 servings each (10 meals)     $_175/week including groceries 

3 people: 5 lunches of 3 servings each (15 meals)     $_225/week including groceries 

4 people: 5 lunches of 4 servings each (20 meals)     $_280/week including groceries

Nutritional Mealplan:
For clients wishing to adhere to particular dietary guidelines, weekly nutritional mealplans can be prepared by our on-staff nutritionist.                                     $__

Clients may choose to have their meals packaged in disposable or reusable containers.

Disposable (Ex. Plastic containers, freezer bags, aluminum pans, etc)       
$20-35 fee/cookdate
Reusable (Ex. Gladware and Pyrex or Corningware)                            Initial $100-225 fee

Organic/Natural Meal Service
All organic/natural meal service available for an additional upcharge.  Call for pricing.

Special Diets
An additional upcharge will apply for special diets (i.e. gluten-free, low-sodium, low-fat, etc.)

Additional courses
Additional course such as soup, salad, or dessert can be added to your meal service package for an additional charge.

Premium menus
Each cookdate, the client will be provided with a basic menu with possible premium menu upgrades. Cost of the basic menu will be covered by package price. If premium menu items are chosen, the additional cost will be added to the following cookdate.

Cooking School and Personal Chef Service


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